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 Antique (2 Discs) [SALE]

   Antique (2008)

   Starring : Ah-in Yu, Jae-wook Kim, Ji-hoon Ju, Ji-h...
   Director : Gyu-dong Min
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: Korean


: English Korean

    Screen Format

: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Wide Screen NTSC

    Sound Format

: Dolby Digital 5.1 2.0

    Regional Code

: 3

    Running Time

: 111 + 83 minutes


: 15+


    Release Date

    Number of  Discs

: 03/17/2009

: 2

Released By

Package Weight

: KD Media

: 230 g

Audio Commentary
After Commentary
Making Of
4 Pieces Of Cake
NG Scenes
In Berlin
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The owner of the bakery "Antique" Jin-hyuk doesn't like sweets like cake or candy. He opened the bakery just because the customers are mostly women. He hires a patissier Sun-woo who makes excellent cakes. Cake maniac Ki-bum comes to the party additionally as a probationer after he is fascinated by the Sun-woo's cake. Jin-hyuk's bodyguard Su-young now has to serve the customers in the bakery since each one has his own jobˇ¦

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